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Our customer service team will be happy to support you to the best of their abilities.

GONOW SPORTS is your on-demand solution to mastering your sport.

Our mission is to help you unlock your potential!

We provide you with the full flexibility, freedom and choice to learn and (re)discover your favorite sports, put together your own training regimen, expand your network and uncover your hidden strengths!

Search and find a trainer in your local area, easily browse through listings and book your next sports training session, connect with others and pick the sport, trainer and service most suitable for you!

Our services include:

  • ✔ Personal Training Sessions
  • ✔ Group Training Sessions
  • ✔ Advisory Expert services on Sports/Health/Fitness
  • ✔ Personal Virtual Assistant on Sports/Health/Fitness
  • ✔ Social Networking Opportunities
  • ✔ Interest Group Meetups
  • ✔ Sports/Health/Fitness relevant News and Media content

You can browse through our website and view any sports activities and/or service available on offer. After you have chosen your preferred activity and found the trainer of your choice, you can select the time and date most convenient for you and place your booking directly through us. We will inform the trainer of your request and send you a confirmation of your booking by email and/or phone. Our calendar and training sessions are updated 24/7. Your certified personal GONOW trainer will reach out to you with additional details once your booking has been confirmed by us. You can view, keep track of and manage all of your reservations/appointments via your personal GONOW dashboard.

Once you have placed your booking with GONOW SPORTS, you'll receive an email with all the necessary information (i.e. time, sports activity, duration, price, as well as the address and details of your trainer). Your personal trainer will be notified of your booking and may reach out to you with additional information. If you do not locate the required information and/or you are unable to get a hold of your trainer, please do contact us directly.

You can cancel and/or change your reservation directly via your dashboard (provided that you have notified your trainer in advance). Alternatively, you can contact us and we will be ready to guide you in the process. Training sessions must be cancelled at least 12 hours prior to the event (please note that last minute cancellations are non-refundable). If you want to cancel a reservation completely, please first contact your trainer and notify us via phone and/or email.

Please contact us directly should you suspect any incorrect invoices and/or payment transactions. Please choose “billing” as a subject header in the contact us section and specify what went wrong.

We are sorry that your experience with one of our partners/trainers did not honor your expectations. Please contact us, describing to us what happened so that we can support you to the best of our abilities. We will make it our utmost priority to ensure that our services meet and/or exceed your expectations now and in the future.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Accounts are named licenses and enable named users access to the GONOW SPORTS services. If you have a friend or family member who wishes to give our service a try, he/she will have to create their own GONOW SPORTS account.

All of our trainers are vetted and are required to pass several assessments tests and background checks before allowed to use our platform. GONOW SPORTS’s Trust and Safety Board (GTSB) is tasked with ensuring that all GONOW SPORTS partners/trainers comply with our terms of use.

We take privacy protection very serious. For that reason, we have taken several measures to ensure that your personal and/or any other sensitive information is securely stored on our database and in compliance with local privacy protection laws. For more information on privacy protection, please view our privacy policy.